Azusa Sister City Committee
Youth Exchange Program
Each year, in July, Azusa Sister City members open their homes and hearts to students from Zacatecas for 10 days as part of the Youth Exchange Program.  Then, our Mexican counterparts in Zacatecas return the favor and welcome Azusa's brightest and most talented students for a similar period.  It’s a great way for them to exchange culture, language, values, and most important, to learn from one another about how much we have in common.

Azusa Sister City members coordinate 10 days of activities for our Zacatecas guests.  They take a tour of our city, attend a city council meeting where they are recognized by the council.  In addition, we take them to tourist attractions including Disneyland, Universal Studios, museums and more.  We also plan several family activities and picnics for all members to participate. 

When our Azusa students travel to Zacatecas they are also treated to full schedule of site seeing, tours of the silver mines, museums, famous cathedrals and more.

The Youth Exchange is a wonderful program for youth 13 to 17 yrs old.

2008 Youth Exchange Program

Azusa Sister City Committee
42nd Annual Youth Exchange Program July 11th to July 21st

Join us in welcoming the youth from Zacatecas who arrive on Friday, July 11th and return on Monday, July 21st.

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